And for those trying to create the next big thing in healthcare staffing?

This is the software that makes it possible.

Become an Agency 2.0

in 90 days (with Nexus as core technology). Why spend millions trying to get there (like VC-fueled platforms)? After a significant R&D investment, we’re already here.

Support Regional staffing hubs

Manage availability and schedules, compliance, timesheets, billing, payments. Create a multi-facility staffing pool.

Manage Healthcare Workers at
Retail locations

One location or thousands, hire and quickly on-board, manage state-by-state requirements, allow for Healthcare Worker movement within your own network.

State Hospital Association?

With Nexus you can build Registries & Staffing Pools within your state.

Solution for all
your needs

Manage Healthcare Worker Compliance

at hospitals: Nexus has the industry’s most advanced compliance management engine.

Create a Marketplace for clinical talent.

Nexus lets hospitals go direct to find matching candidates, Healthcare Workers manage their careers from a single one-stop Nexus phone app.

Be the staffing Agency

you want to be. Leapfrog your competition with automations that give you a competitive edge.

Build direct relationships with Hospitals

become an MSP instantly. Or if you are a Hospital, run your own MSP.

Hospital, Healthcare Worker, Agency — all on the same architecture, for the end-to-end intuitive experience you’ve always wanted.

Why LaborEdge?

Nobody has this but Nexus. A single unified integrated platform where Hospitals,
Healthcare Workers, and Agencies all connect directly

3rd Generation product in 5 years,
millions invested every few years.
Totally re-built from ground up, with
the latest technologies (Microservices,
ElasticSearch, Socket programming,
Business intelligence, etc.)
One platform that offers ATS / VMS
/ Mobile Functionality. Rich
integration architecture allows to
plug-in 3rd parties in a short time
Built for healthcare in partnership
with many leading staffing
organizations and industry leaders
Hospitals' dream cuts costs by
slashing Agency Fees 25%-50%. Or even
100%. By cutting out the middleman (and
all the friction) entirely
Healthcare Workers dream for the first
time, a one-stop do-it-all from your phone
or computer. Apply/Respond/Accept in a
hassle-free, seamless experience
Impress the joint Commission /
Mitigate liability
 We get compliance and
credentialing management
Industry’s best functionality, not a
generic ATS/CRM

Now, healthcare staffing has a
platform where everyone
connects directly at one. Unified.

Processes for All

Nexus is a ground-up re-architecting of the entire healthcare staffing apparatus. More standardization, more automation, huge jumps in efficiency. Because everyone—Hospitals, Healthcare Workers (and Agencies, too)— can connect and engage on a single unified end-to-end platform: Nexus.

Lower Costs
to Hospitals

Slash agency commissions. Shorten hiring timelines. Hire direct. Nexus software can help do the thing the whole country has been asking for: Drive down healthcare costs.

Happier, Better-paid Healthcare Workers

Manage your own career with the Nexus one-stop app on your phone. Application, tracking, and placement is faster, easier, seamless, more complete—even find and accept jobs directly. Produce better returns for Healthcare Workers and hospitals alike.

Better Patient Care

And isn’t that, absolutely, the over-arching goal for us all? A better staffing model for contingency, permanent, locum tenens and healthcare IT that can make sure the right care, the best care, is there.

Client Testimonials

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The immense amount of configurations Nexus has to offer have really put my mind at ease. With the flip of a switch, I am able to define parameters on which Candidates populate, what notifications I want on, and so much more.

John Nolan Managing Partner, NextMove

The immense amount of configurations allow us to customize the software to our workflow. Automations have made our growth possible!

Sarah Lawrence, RN Director of Clinical Operations