Published: December 18, 2023

In response to the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry, NexusVMS has not only adapted to changes but has also proactively introduced innovative features to stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, administrators, and industry experts to understand the unique challenges they face. In the past twelve months, NexusVMS has continued to redefine how healthcare organizations manage their vendor relationships. We've listened to feedback from our valued users and stakeholders, allowing us to enhance our platform to meet evolving needs.

Here are the Top Ten highlights from our journey this year:

1. Contract Negotiation

Gives all users the ability to negotiate every aspect of an assignment in one place, without relying on email or 3rd-party digital signature tools.

2. Dashboards

Know exactly what is going on immediately and be able to see how your agencies are performing. The home dashboard and BI dashboard give you all that you need to know on one screen.

3. PRN Submission Management

Manage suppliers’ submissions of candidates to specific facilities who have PRN needs.

4. Agency Tiering

With the agency tier level configured, users can control when that agency receives the job from when it was originally posted.

5. Candidate Qualification Matching

Allows the MSP to look at only the most qualified candidates submitted. The higher the percentage, the more matches they have to the job submitted.

6. NexusVMS Mobile Application 

Highly configurable for VMS, facility, and supplier users to manage their critical daily tasks from their phone when on the go.

7. Expiring Compliance Automation

Automatically update the compliance status of requirements when they are expiring to adjust the overall candidate’s compliance percentage. Suppliers will receive email notifications as reminders to update compliance documents, while old documents are archived.

8. Timesheet Dispute Process

Suppliers can dispute timesheets prior to invoicing to reduce the number of adjustments being made in billing.

9. Invoicing & Reverse Invoicing Tracking

Facility and suppliers can view any PDF invoice, their current payment status, and the associated CSV file that gives a detail breakdown of the shifts worked.

10. Email Automated Reports

Configure default report templates to send out to team members on a scheduled basis.

Looking ahead, we are tremendously excited about the opportunities this coming year holds. Committed to pushing boundaries, leveraging technological advancements, and continuing to be a trusted partner.

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