Candidate Portal

Applicants manage their profile, skills, and certifications and can also view open jobs/orders, enter availability, view their schedule, enter hours, and upload timesheets. All information that Candidates enter flows through to Nexus seamlessly to manage the lifecycle of recruiting for your agency.

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Candidate Portal
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Dashboard
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Dashboard Users


Percentage of Completion

Current Job Details

Upcoming Job Details

Recommended Jobs

Featured Jobs

Applied Jobs

Offered Jobs with Accept or Decline

Refer a Friend

Assignments Tab
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Assignments
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Assignments Users

Assignments Tab

View Assignment Details (Current, Upcoming and Past)

View Client Details

Manage Assignments Compliance

View Missing & Expiring Compliance

View Rider

View Extension Request

Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Profile
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Profile Editing


Contact Information

Employment Preferences

Employment History

Credential Documents

Skills Checklists

A Documents


E-sign application of Employment

Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Documents


  • View Uploaded Documents
  • Download Previously Uploaded Documents
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Jobs


  • Filter Out Job Preferences
  • View Open Jobs
  • Apply to Jobs
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Orders


  • Filter Out Order Preferences
  • View Open Orders
  • Apply for Open Orders
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Availability


  • Candidate Can Enter Availability
  • Edit/Delete Availability
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Timesheets


  • Candidate Time Entry
  • Upload Timesheet
Healthcare VMS Candidate Portal Scheduler


  • Candidate Can View Scheduled, Confirmation Pending or Confirmed Shifts
  • Candidate Can Confirm or Withdraw From Shifts
What our clients say about LaborEdge
What our Users
say about LaborEdge
What our clients say about LaborEdge

The immense amount of configurations Nexus has to offer have really put my mind at ease. With the flip of a switch, I am able to define parameters on which Candidates populate, what notifications I want on, and so much more.

John Nolan

NextMove, Managing Partner

Nexus and their partners have revolutionized the way our company manages and connects with candidates. With the Sense integration in Nexus, we can automate messages to send out to candidates at each step of the application process, which provides great feedback for our team to change and grow.

Republic Health Resources
Republic Health Resources

Scott Martindale, CEO

From integrating with SENSE to help our compliance team, to managing and tracking documents easily in the system, we’ve partnered with Nexus because it helps our compliance team continually achieve a 100% JCAHO audit score.

Destination Travel Care
Destination Travel Care

Amanda Hendrix, President

The best decision we made was to switch to LaborEdge. Nexus’ features cover several types of healthcare staffing- from PRN, PERM, Travel, Allied, and many more. If you are a veteran agency or just getting started, I would definitely take a demo with them as you will not be disappointed.

Blue Water Staffing, LLC
Blue Water Staffing, LLC.

Jesse Zimmerman, President

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