On-demand learning custom-designed with you, your agency, and your students at its core.

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Your Agency’s own
world class university.

Agency-U is a platform designed to transform your agency’s training and onboarding experience into a personalized resource. Our platform features on-demand learning modules, universal branding, dashboards, and beyond!

Custom Curriculum We'll build your training program with courses and learning modules that are unique to your agency.

BrandingYour university comes customized with a unique URL, your colors & logos, as well as branded certificates & badges.

Data-filled Dashboards Choose the metrics & reports you want to see, so you can measure efficacy and plan for the future.

Expert Guides Agency-U includes a dedicated team of LaborEdge learning experts who work with you to define & deliver your custom experience.

Why LaborEdge
Why Use LaborEdge
Save Time and Money on Training

Agency-U will help expedite and transform your on-boarding capabilities and provide a continuous learning experience for your team. Our customizable Digital Learning platform gives you the tools to speed up the training process and increase your employees’ growth potential, while naturally reducing turnover.

Agency-U Makes Onboarding Easier

LaborEdge now offers a platform designed to transform your agency’s training and onboarding experience. Agency-U features on-demand learning modules that simplify a formerly exhausting task and turn it into something your employees will truly enjoy.

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Why Use LaborEdge

Custom Branding

Discover Agency-U, powered by LaborEdge, where you have the full capacity to customize your Digital Learning journey with your unique branding, from beginning to end.

Your Logo + Colors Start building brand recognition from the minute your students sign in. Experience online learning in a way that's all yours.

Course Certificates Students earn digital badges and course certificates that they can display anywhere, from social media, to resumes, and beyond.

Branded Merchandise Your agency’s new e-university can make a statement with t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other customizable merchandise.

Bite-Sized Learning: 5-Minute Training Modules

Enhance your team members’ knowledge and get them back serving clients in no time at all. Agency-U is designed to teach with your staff in mind- several short lessons that make up full-length courses that employees can integrate into their work day.

Our experts will work with you to make sure your curriculum keeps students engaged to support long-term retention.

Talk to Our Digital Learning Experts We’re here for you. Dedicated Agency-U representatives will help guide you every step of the way — from developing your curriculum strategy to launching your e-university, and beyond.

Get Ongoing Support as You Grow One of the hallmarks of LaborEdge is our quick turnaround on customer support. As your e-university expands, you can count on us to quickly get you help with planning, troubleshooting, and anything else you need. What can we do for you?

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Certificate Diploma

helps better qualify your workforce, with retention based on performance improvement.

With Agency-U, the benefits are immediate

Custom Curriculum

On-demand, interactive digital learning that is custom-built to your agency’s needs, processes, metrics, and more. Equipped with your own University name & custom URL.

Custom Security

Your designated “Dean” defines access, user roles, and reporting capabilities for your entire team.


Managed enrollment with individual and mass enrollment capabilities.


Agency-U includes flexible reports that provide visibility into the learner experience and where they are in their learning journey.


As students reach key points in their training, they are awarded certificates and badges to mark and celebrate their accomplishments.


Real-time dashboards show metrics on participation, status, overall completion percentages, learner comparatives, and more.

Learning Pathways

Collaborate with LaborEdge Learning Consultants to develop custom learning paths unique to your agency with only the content you desire for faster and more effective onboarding.

LaborEdge Learning Content

Our ever-expanding library of content specifically designed for on-demand learning is continuously updated with new course options.

LaborEdge Experts

Our award-winning eLearning experts are here to help you develop your e-university strategy through launch and support your student-body progresses.

Partner Content

LaborEdge continuously works with 3rd parties, integration partners, and industry leaders to create additional content to support your team and their work more effectively.

Micro-Aligned Interactive Courses

All lessons are "bite-sized" learning courses, designed around the needs of the customer to support long-term retention.

Mixed Media

We utilize a mixed-media environment to deliver content to keep the experience interesting and ensure engagement.

Blended Learning Model

We blend our on-demand learning with interactive discussions, contextual PDF’s and slide decks, recordings, and any other content that elevates learning.

Content Measures

Each module, course, and lesson is measured with learner interactions and knowledge checks, available via reporting or dashboards.


Module quizzes are part of our learning pathway. As learners progress, they move up to the next level of content 

Save valuable resources from being spent on product retraining as a LaborEdge team takes charge of developing your world-class online university. With Agency-U, expedite and transform your onboarding capabilities, along with a continuous learning journey that fosters limitless growth potential for your valued employees.

To learn more, contact learning@laboredge.com

What our clients say about LaborEdge
What our Users
say about LaborEdge
What our clients say about LaborEdge

The immense amount of configurations Nexus has to offer have really put my mind at ease. With the flip of a switch, I am able to define parameters on which Candidates populate, what notifications I want on, and so much more.

John Nolan

NextMove, Managing Partner

Nexus and their partners have revolutionized the way our company manages and connects with candidates. With the Sense integration in Nexus, we can automate messages to send out to candidates at each step of the application process, which provides great feedback for our team to change and grow.

Republic Health Resources
Republic Health Resources

Scott Martindale, CEO

From integrating with SENSE to help our compliance team, to managing and tracking documents easily in the system, we’ve partnered with Nexus because it helps our compliance team continually achieve a 100% JCAHO audit score.

Destination Travel Care
Destination Travel Care

Amanda Hendrix, President

The best decision we made was to switch to LaborEdge. Nexus’ features cover several types of healthcare staffing- from PRN, PERM, Travel, Allied, and many more. If you are a veteran agency or just getting started, I would definitely take a demo with them as you will not be disappointed.

Blue Water Staffing, LLC
Blue Water Staffing, LLC.

Jesse Zimmerman, President

See Nexus in operation, LIVE!
Experience Nexus:

We are the technology driving and improving the healthcare staffing ecosystem.

Medical Practitioner
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