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Looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced healthcare job market?

Our innovative mobile application is designed to speed up healthcare staffing processes and eliminate candidate frustration caused by outdated methods. Join the many other successful healthcare agencies who have already made the switch to NexusMobile.

Configurable features for PRN, Travel, Local, and Permanent staffing segments.

Learn how to expand your reach without increasing your team size.
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Our candidate self-service model empowers candidates and
field staff to independently manage their needs,
reducing administrative burdens on your recruitment team.

Streamline Your Candidates' Journey
Through Automation


Unregistered and Registered job searches enable users to browse jobs freely while staying informed about the latest opportunities without any obligations.

5m ago

New Job Matches

You have 10 new job matches up to $2734/wk


Nexus Chat empowers recruiters to engage with candidates in real time, directly from the NexusATS. Say goodbye to email woes and hello to more personalized interactions!

5m ago

New Chat Message

Good morning, Maria. We should have an answer from the facility by this afternoon. So keep an eye out for your confirmation notification!


Configure Submittal Status Notifications to keep candidates up to date on the latest activity.

1m ago

Congratulations on your Booked Travel Assignment!

Your assignment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has been cofirmed. Compliance file will be due on 10.12...


Automate missing timesheet notifications and reduce your team's workload with our seamless integration for time entry and timesheet upload.

10m ago

Your Timesheet is Missing

Your timesheet for Advocate Good Shepard Hospital is Missing. Timesheets are due on 10.12. You can upload your timesheets in the timesheets tab....


Our candidate self-service model empowers candidates & field staff to independently manage their needs, reducing administrative burdens on your recruitment team.

5m ago

Update your Extension Status

Your assignment at Atlas Medical Center is ending in 15 days. Update your extension status to let us know what yout future plans are.

Effortless PRN Staffing

Your On-Demand Healthcare Workforce Solution

Hassle free shift
Easily Manage
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Customer Success

A LaborEdge customer and Nexus user had recent success integrating our
mobile product into their processes. Learn more about the proven
successes of NexusMobile.

39.25 %

the average month-over-month growth rate for mobile registrations is approximately 39.25% with our existing mobile agencies.

10.73 %

The average month over month increase in the percentage of mobile job applications vs LEAP is 10.73% with our existing mobile agencies.

17.75 %

the average month-to-month growth rate for unique mobile job applications is approximately 17.75% with our existing mobile agencies.

Looking Ahead:
17.77 %

The number of unique mobile job applications is projected to grow by approximately 17.77% through 2023 with our existing mobile agencies.

Configurable Features to meet your Agency's business needs.

Nexus Mobile's white label app offers out of the box functionality that enables you to compete in todays fast pace staffing industry. Our candidate centric mobile workflows streamline communication and compliance to get your candidates working faster and build loyalty.

White-Label Mobile Application

  • Seamless NexusATS Integration
  • iOS & Android Branded Apps
  • No coding and no maintenance required

Integration Partners

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NexusMobile Feature Highlights
Push Notifications
  • Submittal updates
  • Assignment updates
  • Timesheet notifications
  • Expiring compliance notifications
  • Job matching notifications
Candidate Profiles & Credentialing
  • Agency & Client facing credentials
  • Candidates can easily manage and update their profiles:
  • Employment History
  • Certifications and Licenses
  • References
  • Referrals
  • Mobile Skills Checklist …and more!
Submittal & Assignment Management
  • Offers candidate visibility into the recruiting journey
  • Timesheet upload
  • Expenses
  • Manager Signature
Mobile Features
  • Sertifi Document & Contract Signing
  • PRN Geolocation for clock-in/out
  • Live Chat
What our clients say about LaborEdge
What our Users
say about LaborEdge
What our clients say about LaborEdge

The immense amount of configurations Nexus has to offer have really put my mind at ease. With the flip of a switch, I am able to define parameters on which Candidates populate, what notifications I want on, and so much more.

John Nolan

NextMove, Managing Partner

Nexus and their partners have revolutionized the way our company manages and connects with candidates. With the Sense integration in Nexus, we can automate messages to send out to candidates at each step of the application process, which provides great feedback for our team to change and grow.

Republic Health Resources
Republic Health Resources

Scott Martindale, CEO

From integrating with SENSE to help our compliance team, to managing and tracking documents easily in the system, we’ve partnered with Nexus because it helps our compliance team continually achieve a 100% JCAHO audit score.

Destination Travel Care
Destination Travel Care

Amanda Hendrix, President

The best decision we made was to switch to LaborEdge. Nexus’ features cover several types of healthcare staffing- from PRN, PERM, Travel, Allied, and many more. If you are a veteran agency or just getting started, I would definitely take a demo with them as you will not be disappointed.

Blue Water Staffing, LLC
Blue Water Staffing, LLC.

Jesse Zimmerman, President

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Medical Practitioner
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