We have used several platforms in the past and never found one that did everything we did. If we had questions or requests it would be a 6-12 month process if they agreed to move forward, days to even weeks to hear back from support. The best decision we made was to switch to LaborEdge, the features it does covers several types of healthcare staffing from, PRN, PERM, Travel, Allied, and many more. Yes, they are a growing company but they respond! They want your feedback so they can make the product better. We received detailed training and ongoing support with most tickets being answered in under 2 hours. You CAN'T get that with anyone else. With every feature they have I could go to as competitor and pay 5x as much with little to no support. If you are a veteran agency or just getting started I would definitely take a demo with them as you will not be disappointed.

P.S. The Customer Service is AMAZING!!

Jesse Zimmerman, Blue Water Staffing, LLC.

The immense amount of configurations Nexus has to offer have really put my mind at ease. With the flip of a switch, I am able to define parameters on which Candidates populate, what notifications I want on, and so much more.

John Nolan, Managing Partner, NextMove

The immense amount of configurations allow us to customize the software to our workflow. Automations have made our growth possible!

Sarah Lawrence, RN, Director of Clinical Operations