LaborEdge has taken a quantum leap in health care staffing technology, making NexusVMS the only truly unified all-in-one platform designed for healthcare needs. This revolutionary technology was created with a clear vision & goal in mind; create the kind of success that everyone wants in the healthcare industry by providing a ground-breaking vendor management system.

Live, Hands-on training
Industry Expert Advisory Team

With NexusVMS, keep your healthcare facility staff out of administrative burdens so they can spend their shift doing what is truly important:
Providing Quality Patient Care.

Standout Features in NexusVMS: As Told by Our Clients and Industry Supplier Partners

  • Candidate Qualification Matching
  • PRN Functionality
  • Detailed Compliance Management
  • Robust Back-office Capabilities
  • Sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics
  • Live Client Servicing and SME Advisory
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Why NexusVMS?

Healthcare-Specific Workflows

Our Vendor Management System (VMS) provides enhanced configurability to procure, facilitate, and manage contingent talent efficiently. Hospitals/Managed Service Providers (MSPS) and partnering healthcare organizations utilize our VMS technology to consolidate and organize operational aspects, such as requisition, compliance, and invoicing workflows.

Compliance Management

Enhanced functionality that goes beyond simple tracking. Manage Client Credential requirements by automating the list of credentialing items based on assignment. Track candidate compliance completion percentage and automate emails to candidates, recruiters, and compliance managers on expiring or missing documents. Equipped with a compliance dashboard and reporting functionalities.

Enhanced Healthcare Organization Configurability

Partners can configure NexusVMS to their own needs and operations. This allows NexusVMS to work closer to how you manage your organization. Because of NexusVMS’ micro-services architecture, it can be fully configurable to do what your organization desires.

Dedicated Support Teams

Actual customer service that’s not lip-service. LaborEdge prides itself on the most responsive team of tech-savvy professionals in healthcare staffing. You’ll be sure to have your own dedicated team at every step. As one agency CEO says: “We received detailed training and ongoing support — with most tickets being answered in under 2 hours."

LaborEdge has made significant investment in VMSMobile

  • VMS, Client & Agency User flows
  • User Permission Configurability
  • User specific push notifications
  • Personalized dashboards align with user workflow.
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Complex thinking. Forward-planning.

That’s what separates NexusVMS from our competitors running on out-of-date software. LaborEdge is constantly making improvements and updates to our VMS in order to bring you the best product on the market.

The demand for contingent staffing in the healthcare sector is at an all-time high. In today's fast-paced industry, we now more than ever must be competitive in finding solutions. NexusVMS not only provides the optimization to improve your organization's processes; it will put you on the leading edge of healthcare staffing.

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Thanks to the NexusVMS team and the flexibility of the platform, we have had many opportunities to process improve within the system and provide an exceptional service to our clients, leaving them with a strong sense of trust in the work we provide. With the ease of navigation through the platform and the constant new features that enhance our workflow, it's difficult to imagine ever working with anyone else.

Stability Healthcare

Sara Molina, Director of Operations

The NexusVMS technology has evolved into an easy point-and-click solution to assist us in filling our contingent labor needs for our clients. The real person response time we receive from our Nexus partners has been proven to be an asset to not just us, but our affiliate partners as well. NexusVMS has enabled our organization to grow and to fulfill needs for our clients!

Republic Health Resources

Chris Olmscheid, Director

We required a robust and customizable solution that was easy to use; and LaborEdge was able to deliver with the Nexus product. Not only was the implementation easy, but their customer support has been responsive with friendly staff. This tool has helped us grow the business!

Staffing Engine

Stephen Gillem, Vice President

NexusVMS is a versatile and user-friendly platform that allows you to customize it to your very needs! There are many different configurations you can use to make it work just the way you need it to, and it also has a very clean look.

Stability Healthcare

Hannah Forman, Client Services

Medical Practitioner
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