Published: December 18, 2023

As we head into 2024, we reflect on the top 10 revolutionizing features we've incorporated into our mobile application, NexusMobile. These enhancements are designed to improve your experience, ensuring seamless navigation and interaction all from the palm of your hand.

The Top 10 Mobile Highlights of 2023 are...

1. NexusChat

Candidates and recruiters can now exchange messages in real time using NexusChat. This feature enables your recruiting team to communicate directly with candidates from their ATS environment. Candidates will receive these messages as push notifications on their smartphones and have the ability to initiate conversations.

2. Job Matching Push Notifications

Unlike the Automated Job Matching email in the ATS, the NexusMobile Job Matching Push Notification empowers candidates to fully utilize the potential of Job Matching. This feature is driven by their chosen profession, specialty, and preferences, which are set in the mobile app's filters- providing them with a personalized job search experience.

3. Timesheet Manager Signatures

Allows agencies to capture a manager’s signature on mobile timesheets for all job types.

4. PRN shift searches for unregistered users

PRN Agencies can now use the mobile app as a job board for unregistered users, allowing potential field staff to view available opportunities without the need for commitment or completing registration.

5. Enhanced Availability and Scheduler interface

  • Applied shifts are now displayed on the scheduler
  • The Availability interface for PRN scheduling has been streamlined, improving the user experience, and simplifying the process of updating availability, both for individual dates and in bulk.

6. Agencies can now fully customize the mobile app.

Assignments, Job Searches, Job Submittals, PRN Availability, PRN Scheduler, PRN Shift Searches, and Timesheets have all become configurable features. This enhancement enables agencies to tailor their mobile experience to align with their specific business practices.

7. PRN Preferred Facility Compliance

A dedicated compliance section for Preferred PRN clients is now featured in the mobile app. This feature allows candidates to easily keep track of their compliance status for all preferred facilities and manage or update their certifications and credentials directly from their smartphone.

8. PRN Mobile Push Notifications

Candidates can now receive PRN-related push notifications in the mobile app, which are housed in a dedicated section within the notification center for ‘Shifts’.

9. PRN Shift Search Customizations

  • Agencies can now hide shifts on dates when a candidate is confirmed.
  • Shift searches will automatically hide shifts from do not return (DNR) clients.
  • Agencies are now able to assign a verification date to each shift.
  • Agencies can now limit the shift search functionality to show only shifts from clients marked as preferred in a candidate's profile in the ATS. When this feature is activated, registered users will only see PRN shifts associated with their preferred clients.
  • Agencies now have the option to categorize specific PRN statuses as verified. When a status is designated as a verified status, vetted candidates will no longer be able to change their profession and specialty during shift searches. This ensures that candidates only search for and apply to shifts that align with their qualifications, based on their profession and specialty.

10. Introduced the First 3 Mobile Integrations

Are you excited yet? These ten features are just the tip of the iceberg!

We're committed to delivering updates throughout the year of our cutting-edge technology, ensuring you stay at the forefront of mobile innovation.

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