Industry’s Most Advanced Mobile Platform

LaborEdge has made a significant investment in the Nexus mobile platform. Many of the candidate features in Nexus are available in a mobile-friendly manner. For example, the ability for a Healthcare Worker to complete their required Skills Checklists.

Beyond the mobile-friendly features, Nexus has a fully-integrated mobile application.

The Mobile app is built on the Nexus Microservices Architecture.

The app features the ability to do the following:

  • Dashboard to help Manage all Aspect of work-life
  • Build/Manage Candidate Profile
  • View current, future & past assignment information
  • Allows the healthcare worker to search for jobs
  • View pay packages
  • Apply to Jobs/Shifts
  • Track job submittal status and get real-time updates
  • Manage compliance requirements
  • Upload credentials and get timely reminders
  • Accept or decline offers
  • Request extensions of current assignments
  • Provide/Update Availability
  • View Schedule/Confirm Shifts
  • Provide timesheets
  • Refer A friend