Simple. It works better - for all three.
Simple. It works better - for all three.

Introducing LaborEdge's NexusVMS

The latest advancement from LaborEdge — a quantum leap, because it connects all of us in the healthcare staffing ecosystem, directly, on healthcare’s one truly unified platform.

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Simple. It works better - for all three.
VMS Platform Configuration

Nexus Connects Us

Healthcare Workers | Facilities | Agencies

Our Healthcare VMS platform provides enhanced configurability to procure, facilitate, and manage contingent workforce efficiently. MSPs and partnering healthcare organizations utilize our VMS to consolidate and organize operational aspects, such as requisition, compliance, and invoicing workflows. In addition, metrics reporting is tied into all aspects of our operational functionality to provide our clients with a Total Talent Workforce Solution.

  • Healthcare Compliance and Credentialing simplified
  • Automate healthcare workflows
  • Powerful notifications for fast response
  • Find and Hire, improve healthcare candidate quality
  • Maximize your fill rates
  • Get a handle on your healthcare labor costs
  • Intelligent healthcare reporting and management
Imagine, a VMS at your fingertips with all this
VMS Mobile App

Imagine, a Healthcare VMS at your

  • Client-specific & user configurability
  • Sophisticated healthcare compliance management
  • Job type offerings in healthcare
  • Leverage of notifications
  • Healthcare onboarding list configuration
  • Facility file/documentation generation
  • Dashboard
  • Automation of expiring healthcare compliance documents
  • Customizable healthcare reporting
  • DNR tracking flow
  • Ability to generate a systematic assignment agreement
  • Healthcare staffing partner-friendly
  • Timekeeping uploads
  • 8-week release cycles
  • Healthcare specialized
  • No shiny objects, REAL-TIME functionality during the sales cycle
  • Configurable user security
  • “In System” communication
  • User permission drill down
  • Compact state license tracking
  • Systematic healthcare compliance communication
  • COI automation management
Imagine, a VMS at your fingertips with all this
Imagine, a VMS at your fingertips with all this
NexusVMS Dashboard


  • Flexible Filtering
  • Clickable Widgets
  • Live Healthcare Data
  • Configurable by User
  • Healthcare Supplier & Facility Scoring
  • BI Analytics Reporting
Microservices Architecture
VMS Time Capture
VMS Detailed Breakdown
VMS Dispute Resolution
VMS Client Invoicing
VMS Reverse Invoicing
VMS Reporting
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Time Capture

Consolidation & Detailed Breakdown

Dispute Resolution Functionality

Client Invoicing

Reverse Invoicing

Robust Reporting

VMS Time Capture
VMS Detailed Breakdown
VMS Dispute Resolution
VMS Client Invoicing
VMS Reverse Invoicing
VMS Reporting
Healthcare VMS Mobile
VMS Travel Jobs
Travel Jobs
Ability To Search
Ability To Close
Ability To Repost
VMS Submissions
Healthcare Submissions
Ability To View w/Detail
Ability To Act On Status
VMS Compliance
Healthcare Compliance
Ability To View Documents
Ability To Reject Documents
Ability To Verify Documents
VMS Assignments
Healthcare Assignments
Ability To View
Ability To Extend
Ability To Term

RHR recently partnered with Nexus on their VMS technology. The technology has evolved into an easy point and click solution to assist us in filling our contingent labor needs for our clients. Our Nexus partners are very responsive to any/all questions and concerns we have regarding the technology platform and its capabilities.
The real person contacts response time we receive from our Nexus partners has been proven to be an asset to not just us, but our affiliate partners as well. The partnership we have with the Nexus VMS team and their technology platform, has enabled our organization to grow and to fulfill needs for our clients; being the most valuable aspect!

Republic Health Resources
QuickStaff Workforce Solutions

Chris Olmscheid, Director - Business Development & MSP Operations

As a new company, we were looking for a vendor management system (VMS) that was flexible and (a team) willing to work alongside us. Their flexibility coupled with industry-pioneering development has resulted in a fruitful partnership.

Stability Healthcare
Stability Staffing

Armani Morris, Dir. MSP Programs

LaborEdge has been a strong partner for Staffing Engine. We required robust and customizable solution that was easy to use; they were able to deliver with the Nexus product. Not only was the implementation easy, but their customer support has been responsive with friendly staff. This tool has helped us grow the business!

Staffing Engine
Staffing Engine

Stephen Gillem, Vice President

Medical Practitioner
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