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LaborEdge hires Tom Woodman as Chief Design Officer

LaborEdge, developer of breakthrough technologies that support greater efficiency in healthcare staffing, recently hired Tom Woodman as their Chief Design Officer.

In this position, Woodman brings his 25 years of information systems experience to continue to transform the way hospitals, staffing agencies and healthcare professionals work together to support patient care through LaborEdge and its signature SaaS platform Nexus.

LaborEdge President Shail Arora appreciates the impact Woodman will have on the company’s clients’ and stakeholders’ efficiency and profitability.

“Tom has the unique ability to listen to those who are on the industry’s front lines and in the back office,” Arora says. “He has an integrative vision and creates the vital roadmap to reach our clients’ end goals. Our healthcare staffing agencies are poised to benefit greatly from his skills and experience.”

Driving Transformation in the Healthcare Staffing Software Industry

A graduate of MIT with experience as a product designer, programmer, data analyst and software architect, Woodman sees technology as a lever for organizational change.

“I’m excited to help create a more fluid labor exchange using principles of human-centered design. By bringing agencies, healthcare systems and clinicians together, we can create a better experience for everyone,” Woodman says.

About Nexus, powered by LaborEdge

Nexus helps healthcare staffing agencies work more closely with hospitals and clinicians. By removing internal inefficiencies, such as multiple software platforms, unscalable technologies, hard-to-use platforms and difficult compliance tracking, Nexus helps agencies work faster and smarter.