Healthcare staffing is unique. A generic ATS will never understand that. Do you really want to spend your time teaching a vendor what they should have in their platform? Even if they build it for you, who will pay to maintain and support your unique functionality?

Why not partner with LaborEdge? We focus on healthcare. We have the expertise that has built the most robust platform in healthcare staffing. We re-invest in our technology daily. Do you want to spend 6 months implementing technology that gets you where we were 5 years ago?

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. Wayne Gretzky

Now, Nexus, with its advanced functionality, automations, and direct connection to hospitals & Healthcare Workers, can rid you of all that internal “friction.”


A microservices architecture divides a single application into small sets of services, each running on its own but communicating with each other through APIs.

Examples of companies that have moved to microservices include:

and many other future-thinking organizations. Now, Nexus can do the same for staffing.

  • Helps our clients to Unleash Innovation
  • Makes change less expensive
  • Enables on-demand flexibility and scalability
  • Accelerates turnaround time

Separate Components

Microservices enable loosely coupled services that can be easily developed, replaced and scaled individually


Easy to Change Technology Stack

There is no long-term commitment to one technology stack. Software teams can introduce a new stack for a specific service


Organized Around Business Capabilities

Microservices are not organized around technical capabilities of a particular product, but rather business capabilities


Easy to Deploy

With microservices the scope of deployment is smaller, and only the service that has a problem needs to be deployed again


Decentralized Data Management

Large scale and complex enterprise applications are normally three-tier, but microservices let each service manage its own database


Increased Availability and Resilience

Microservices improve fault isolation and ensure that the broken service is replaced making the system resilient


Easy to Understand Even in Distributed Environment

Microservices make it possible for distributed teams to understand the application as it is not built as one single package


Re-usability of Service

As microservices are organized around business capabilities and not a specific project or product requirement, they are project agnostic. This enables technology teams to reuse services and reduce costs

Components of Nexus


Healthcare organizations face stringent regulatory requirements and matching fully compliant talent with openings is a tedious challenge. It’s no small task to manage and track multiple certifications and licenses for today’s highly diverse healthcare workforce. It involves constant repetition and an abundance of time, paperwork, communication, reporting and more.

The Nexus platform from LaborEdge has intelligent compliance management functionality that relives this stress.

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Can you live with software that is made for Industrial or IT staffing? Healthcare is an afterthought for most staffing software providers. Do they understand the intricacies of shifts, complex overtime rules, professions with multiple specialties? Increasing speed and efficiency to finding highly qualified staff improves patient care. It’s as simple as that. But to do it, you need a staffing platform specifically designed for healthcare. A generic platform can’t do that. Only Nexus.

Our healthcare-focused workflows (for travel, PRN, Allied and Locums) will transform how your staffing gets done.

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This needs to be the heart of a staffing platform. Hospitals need quick ways to communicate, manage and monitor the job process. Agencies need real-time abilities. Candidates need a better, smoother way to find, apply for and fill openings. Meet Nexus. Now, for the first time, everyone is connected, together, on one integrated end-to-end platform: Nexus. And only Nexus.

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Improve your accounts receivables workflows through automated processes and custom templates while reducing data entry time and the potential for mistakes. Experience real-time finance and business analytics.

Nexus allows your organization to capture time for your caregivers, allowing you to automate Payroll and Billing. Our integration to Sisense permits you to quickly create outputs to any payroll or billing system.

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Your organization can take advantage of all the built-in reports that address a majority of your day-to-day needs. But, if you need full access to all the data captured in Nexus, we have integrated one of the most powerful technologies that can provide insights into your data.

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Automations should make your job easier. They should also simplify your candidates’ experience. Nexus has pre-built automations that will benefit all stakeholders immediately. Due to Nexus's microservices architecture, new automations can be created on an on-going basis

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Our platform has its core strengths, and we understand our clients want a best-of-breed solution. We have a growing list of integrations out of the box. And because of our API-based microservices architecture, we can quickly add any requested integration.

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Organizations can use Nexus ‘as is’ out of the box for a speedy launch. They can also configure Nexus to how their organization works. This allows Nexus to work closer to how you operate your organization. If that is not enough, because of Nexus’s microservices architecture, it can be fully customized to do what your organization desires.

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Nexus is the industry’s only Unified platform. Our VMS and ATS functionality are not two different products that need to be integrated. Nexus was architected to have a single database and feature set. So, when a job is entered into Nexus, it is automatically matched to candidates.

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