Job Postings

Here we see the total number of Nursing Job Postings that have flowed into our Nexus environment through different agencies over the past year, broken down on a month-to-month basis. Use this to track trends between each month!

Job Bill & Pay Rates

Here we see the median Bill and Pay Rates for all Nexus agencies' Nursing placements, broken down on a month-to-month basis. This can be used to see which months have produced the highest rates!


In this chart, we can see the total share of Nursing, Allied, and Other job postings which have flowed into our agencies' Nexus environments over the past year. At Nexus, we fully accommodate Nursing, Allied, IT, Advanced Practice, and Non-Clinical offerings!

Profession and Specialty

In this chart, we can see the breakdown of which Professions are attached to each job order flowing into our agencies' Nexus environments. We love our nurses, and we accommodate other job postings of many types!


In this widget, we can see the breakdown detailing from which VMS our Nexus agencies have sourced their job orders over the past year. A diverse mix shows just how many systems we deal with on a daily basis!

Job Trends (Job Postings by VMS)

In this chart, you can see how many jobs are in Nexus. We've broken them down by VMS so you can view trends and leverage Nexus's job feeds to place your candidates!