LaborEdge Announces Partnership & Automation with Great Recruiters, Elevating Customer Experience in Staffing Solutions

UPDATED [Detroit, January 2, 2024] – LaborEdge, a leading provider of healthcare staffing technology, proudly unveils its latest collaboration with Great Recruiters, the industry leader in Automated Reputation Acquisition and Distribution. This strategic integration marks a significant milestone in LaborEdge's commitment to innovation, reinforcing its dedication to delivering unparalleled value to both the industry and its community.

Great Recruiters' cutting-edge platform empowers LaborEdge's clients by providing automated solutions for reputation management. With this integration, every Nexus user gains access to a seamless feedback loop process, enhancing their ability to understand and optimize the candidate experience. Noteworthy features include a performance dashboard reporting system and the automatic publication of reviews as compelling testimonials, designed to attract more business and simplify day-to-day operations.

Key benefits of the Great Recruiters + Nexus integration include:

  1. Improved Candidate Engagement: The integration puts staffing agencies in control of the experiences they provide, fostering better engagement with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

  2. Increased Response Rates: By automating the feedback loop, agencies can expect higher response rates from candidates, enabling quicker adjustments to optimize the overall experience.

  3. More Reviews All-Year Long: The platform facilitates continuous and organic review generation, ensuring a steady stream of valuable feedback throughout the year.

  4. Increased Referrals: Positive candidate experiences lead to increased referrals, contributing to the growth and success of staffing agencies.

  5. Higher NPS Scores: The integration enables agencies to measure and improve their Net Promoter Scores, reflecting the overall satisfaction and loyalty of candidates.

  6. Stronger Google Ratings: Agencies leveraging Great Recruiters can enhance their online presence with stronger Google ratings, positively impacting their brand reputation.

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LaborEdge understands the pivotal role feedback and reputation management play in the staffing industry. The Great Recruiters integration underscores our commitment to providing tools that empower agencies to deliver exceptional experiences, build trust, and achieve sustained success.

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