Using Automation to Unlock Your Next Wave of Growth

Updated: December 5, 2023

Skills shortage, shifting candidate expectations, soaring hiring costs, and unpredictable hiring requirements are only a few of the challenges staffing leaders are grappling with.

Implementing intelligent automation solutions like Sense is the key to igniting your next wave of transformative growth. Automation eliminates the drudgery of repetitive recruiting tasks, freeing up your talented recruiters to focus on building meaningful relationships and closing lucrative placements. Simultaneously, automation delivers a 24/7 white-glove experience for candidates via personalized chatbots, texts, and emails - reducing drop-os, speeding up hiring, and delighting applicants. This powerful productivity and experience boost allows you to scale revenue by processing more applicants per recruiter, reducing cost-per-hire, and increasing retention. The results are undeniable: studies show automation can make individual recruiters 30-50% more productive while cutting hiring costs by 60-70%. The time is now to embrace automation for record growth, achieve new competitive advantage, and boost protability.

Sense Engage allows users to easily build workflows and candidate journeys that automate communications across the recruitment lifecycle. It triggers personalized emails, texts, and chatbot conversations based on actions in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Sense Messaging enables two-way SMS conversations while logging them in the ATS. Candidates get a seamless experience via shared inboxes and broadcast texting.

Sense Chatbot has a no-code conversational interface that lets users build chatbots to screen candidates or collect information. Chatbots can match candidates to jobs, schedule interviews, and all while updating the ATS automatically. This provides an ecient 24/7 recruiting experience for candidates. The analytics dashboard allows ltering data by various parameters to get insights on engagement, surveys, chatbots, and recruiter performance.

Sense acts as a system of engagement layered on top of the LaborEdge ATS. It aims to drive growth, retention, and automation across the recruiting process through its suite of AI products.
To find out more about Sense and our integration, watch the webinar below.

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  • Personalize the candidate journey from hello to hire
  • Easily manage compliance
  • Leverage AI chatbots to become accessible 24/7
  • Increase recruiter productivity and satisfaction
  • Drive your talent strategy through enterprise-grade reporting and analytics
  • Make tangible impacts on your P&L
Pankaj Jindal

Pankaj Jindal

Co-Founder, Sense

kavita Tengshe

Kavita Tengshe

Director of Implementations & Integrations, LaborEdge

Jason Jakes

Jason Jakes

Senior Director, Solutions, & Consulting, Sense