Sertifi Integration

Sertifi Integration

Sertifi's eSignature integration allows LaborEdge customers to seamlessly send candidate documents for electronic signature within the Nexus candidate profile.

Top Five Features

  • Send out pre-populated compliance documents for signature to candidates
  • Send out contracts to clients and candidates
  • Direct flow back into the system once a document is signed for convenient compliance management
  • Direct Integration to candidate portal (LEAP)
  • Notifications of when a document is signed
Sertifi Integration

LaborEdge Applicant Portal Integration

  • Pre-populate compliance for candidates to get compliance started sooner rather than later
  • Get a jump start on assignment compliance once a candidate is booked
  • Reduce expired compliance

Save time by using pre-populated email templates while also having the ability to resend and add candidate documents in just a few easy steps.

Sertifi provides a simple solution to automate the manual signing process all in one place.