Achieve Better Outcomes with LaborEdge and Regents

LaborEdge and Regents’ partnership combines product expertise with implementation and integration experience to shorten learning curves, lower costs, and extend value. It’s a pragmatic approach that unlocks the power of your ATS and your capability to grow at scale.

Chart a path to a higher ROI.

At LaborEdge, we have one clear-cut goal. Transform the healthcare staffing industry. That mission is easy to understand, but complicated to accomplish.

As a technology provider, we empower your team with innovative tools and interfaces to streamline your communication and workflows with hospitals. Freed from cumbersome systems and rote tasks, your team has more time and energy to deliver creative solutions.

With the power of LaborEdge, you can deliver more value -- with streamlined effort.

Orchestrated implementations delivering innovation.

No one knows the staffing and services tech stack better than Regents Consulting. From decision support to disciplined execution, we’re experts in accelerated modernization. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Regents Consulting is a systems integrator helping grow the staffing and services industries.

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