Medical Staffing Firms: 5 Tips for Growth

The need for medical professionals of all kinds continues to grow. Hospitals, various medical offices, and clinics all need adequate staff to keep customers happy and loyal. When you’re in the middle of growing your staffing agency, the last thing you want is to be unprepared to handle the growth you need for true success.

By using these tips, tools, and techniques, your medical staffing firm can be a part of the healthcare industry’s expansion.


Networking is one of the most important things any business can do. Reach out to meet others, and use your contacts to help grow your agency. Networking provides you with insight, tips, research, and resources for your medical staffing firm.

Emphasize Your Industry Expertise

It’s important to note that if your medical staffing agency specializes in placing certain positions in the healthcare industry, put a heavy emphasis on your website and marketing materials regarding the openings. This will help you attract your target audience, and make those who are qualified feel more at-home.

Provide Value, not Candidates

Because there is such a large number of medical staffing agencies to work with, it’s extremely important to keep your candidates and customers happy. Nexus, powered by LaborEdge can help your medical staffing agency stand out from others, as customer care is our top priority.

Market Your Knowledge

Use social platforms to get your company’s name out in the world, and also use these platforms and your website to show your own Industry Statistics and insider news. This informs your audience of positions available, job rates, and more such as a VMS breakdown detailing from which VMS agencies have sourced their job orders in the past year. Nexus presents a diverse mix showing just how many systems we deal with on a daily basis! See our informative Industry Stats here.

Leverage Technology

Impressive staffing software (Nexus!) will help you manage your front and back office as an integrated whole. If you’re stuck entering the same data multiple times into separate systems, you’re simply wasting time and risk making needless errors. Don’t be stuck researching, buying, and implementing an entirely new staffing software platform because you’ve grown beyond the scope of your current software’s capabilities.

Smart staffing software is able to scale with you as your agency grows.

Nexus cultivates and develops with you.

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