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LaborEdge has made a significant investment in the Nexus mobile platform. Many of the candidate features in Nexus are available in a mobile friendly manner. For example, the ability for a clinician to complete their required Skills Checklists.

Beyond the mobile-friendly features, Nexus has a fully- integrated mobile application.

The Mobile app is built on the Nexus microservices architecture.

The app features the ability to do the following:

  • Allows the healthcare worker to search for jobs
  • Customize pay packages
  • Submit to jobs
  • Track job submittal status and get real-time updates
  • Manage compliance requirements
  • Upload credentials and get timely reminders
  • Accept or decline offers
  • Request extensions of current assignments
  • Provide timesheets
  • View past, current, and future assignment information on the dashboard
Depending on the client’s requirements, the mobile application can be deployed in the one of three ways.

Nexus Branded

Targeting the smaller clients. Your clinicians can download the Nexus App, select your agency and then have access to numerous features.

Customer Branded

Targeted to any Client that wants their own App in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The App will be skinned with the Client’s logo and other attributes. The Client will be able offer links to download the App on their website.


The Nexus mobile app can be fully customized for clients that seek unique features and workflows.

Nexus, powered by LaborEdge is new technology that brings hospitals, staffing agencies and clinicians together to add value to the healthcare ecosystem. Nexus is the next level of technology combined with "Us" — LaborEdge experts collaborating with your team members to transform your business.

Nexus brings you closer. You will experience stronger relationships with customers. More visibility to candidates and customers. Faster filling of jobs.

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