Dashboards and Reporting

Your organization can take advantage of all the built-in reports that address a majority of your day-to-day needs. But, if you need full access to all the data captured in Nexus, we have integrated one of the most powerful technologies that can provide insights into your data.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • 25 + Standard Reports
  • Payroll & Invoice Reports
  • Self-enable Client
  • Configurable
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Compliance and Credentialing

If there's one part of staffing that should be streamlined, this is it. And now it is. With Nexus, your team suddenly has advanced compliance tools to communicate more efficiently with candidates and with each other.
From Automated Credentialing based on assignment to Simplified Joint Commission audits and so much more.
Enhanced functionality that goes beyond simple tracking.

  • Manage Client Credential requirements
  • Automate List of Credentialing Items Based on Assignment
  • Track Candidate Compliance Completion Percentage
  • Automate emails to Candidates, Recruiters, Compliance Managers on Expiring or Missing Documents
  • Compliance Dashboard and Reporting
  • Simplify Joint Commission Audits by Having all Compliance Information Readily Available
  • Assign Tests and Checklists, Collect Signatures by Direct Integration with Sertifi™ and Relias™ Testing

Healthcare Focused Workflows

You need more than a generic staffing platform. Nexus is developed specifically to transform healthcare staffing operations. This is done by removing friction from your processes, increasing speed and efficiency to finding highly qualified staff, and improving patient care with more streamlined staffing workflows.

  • Book of Business to Manage your Daily Workflow
  • Workflows for Travel, PRN, Allied, and Locums
  • Recruiter Prospect Management
  • Client Prospect Management
  • Automated Job Matching and GeoMapping Documents
  • Customizable Deal Sheets / Pay Package Creator
  • Integrated GSA Rates
  • Candidate Submittal Management
  • PRN Scheduler
  • Plan My Day Task and Appointment

Job Management

The heart of a staffing platform is its ability to manage jobs. Hospitals need a quick way to communicate their staffing needs, they need a way to manage and monitor the process and they need a way to communicate those jobs to potential agencies and candidates. Agencies need the ability to get job openings in real-time. They also need a way to post those job openings to their websites and to 3rd party job boards. Candidates need a way to find job opening and to apply for those jobs. Nexus facilitates all these interactions.

  • Manage Job Orders
  • Connectivity to Vendor Management Systems
  • Integrated Job Board
  • Feed to 3rd Party Job Boards

Time Capture and Back Office Support

Improve your accounts receivables workflows through automated processes and custom templates while reducing data entry time and the potential for mistakes. Experience real-time finance and business analytics.

Nexus allows your organization to capture time for your caregivers. Allowing you to automate Payroll and Billing. Our integration to Sisense™ allows you to quickly create outputs to any payroll or billing system.

  • Capture Time Sheet Data for Billing and Payroll
  • Create Extracts of Invoices and Payroll Data
  • Verify and Validate with Billing and Payroll Details
  • Payroll and Time Sheet Reporting


Automations should make your job easier. They should also simplify your candidates’ experience. Nexus has pre-built numerous automations that will benefit all stakeholders immediately, and because of Nexus’s microservices architecture, new automations can be created on an on-going basis. Some of the out-of-the box automations in Nexus include:

  • Automated Pay Package/ Deal sheets
  • Compliance
  • Hospital Files
  • 60+ Customizable Notifications
  • Job Automation
  • Submittal Packages
  • GSA Rates
  • Mass Data Uploads


Our platform comes with a growing list of integrations out of the box. Because of our API-based microservices architecture, we can quickly add any requested integration. Current integrations cover:

  • Skills Checklists and Testing
  • eSignature
  • 3rd party candidate sourcing platforms
  • 3rd party job boards
  • Job import automation
  • Texting and email
  • Marketing platforms


Organizations can use Nexus as is out of the box for a speedy launch. They can also configure Nexus to how their organization works. This allows Nexus to work closer to how you operate your organization. If that is not enough, because of Nexus’s microservices architecture, it can be fully customized to do what your organization desires.

  • Choose your Candidate Experience
  • Configure your Allied hierarchy
  • Launch a totally custom mobile experience
  • Run your teams in different ways from Full Desk to Split Desk
  • Configure hundreds of organization specific features


Nexus is the industry’s only Unified platform. Our VMS and ATS functionality are not two different products that need to be integrated. Nexus was architected to have a single database and feature set. So, when a job is entered into Nexus, it is automatically matched to candidates.

  • One system managed via defined user Roles
  • Manage job postings
  • Manage submissions
  • Add and manage agency partners
  • Build job templates