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Candidate Portal

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Candidate Portal

The Candidate portal allows Candidates to manage their contact information, preferences, employment history, credential documents, skills checklists, Prophecy™ Tests, Sertifi™ documents, references and E-sign application of Employment. Candidates can also view open jobs/orders, enter availability, view their schedule, enter hours and upload timesheets. All information that Candidates enter flows through to Nexus seamlessly to build a robust candidate profile and help manage the lifecycle of recruiting for your agency.  The application is customizable by each client.


  • Percentage of Completion
  • Current Job Details
  • Upcoming Jobs Details
  • Recommended Jobs
  • Featured Jobs
  • Applied Jobs
  • Offered Jobs and Accept or Decline
  • Refer a Friend


  • Contact information
  • Employment preferences
  • Employment history
  • Credential documents
  • Skills checklists
  • Prophecy™ Tests
  • Sertifi™ documents
  • References
  • E-sign application of employment


  • View Uploaded Documents
  • Download Previous Uploaded Documents


  • Filter Out Job Preferences
  • View Open Jobs
  • Apply to Jobs


  • Filter Out Order Preferences
  • View Open Orders
  • Apply for Open Orders


  • Candidate Can Enter Availability
  • Edit/Delete Availability


  • Candidate can view Scheduled, Confirmation Pending or Confirmed Shifts
  • Candidate can Confirm or Withdraw from Shifts


  • Candidate Time Entry
  • Upload Timesheet


  • View Assignment Details (Current, Upcoming and Past)
  • View Client Details
  • Manage Assignments Compliance
  • View Missing & Expiring Compliance
  • View Rider
  • View Extension Request

Nexus, powered by LaborEdge is new technology that brings hospitals, staffing agencies and clinicians together to add value to the healthcare ecosystem. Nexus is the next level of technology combined with "Us" — LaborEdge experts collaborating with your team members to transform your business.

Nexus brings you closer. You will experience stronger relationships with customers. More visibility to candidates and customers. Faster filling of jobs.

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