The Candidate portal allows Candidates to manage their contact information, preferences, employment history, credential documents, Skills checklists, Prophecy™ Tests, Sertifi™ documents, references and E-sign application of Employment. Candidates can also view open jobs/orders, enter availability, view their schedule, enter hours and upload timesheets. All information that Candidates enter flows through to Nexus seamlessly to build a robust candidate profile and help manage the lifecycle of recruiting for your agency. The application is customizable by each client.


  • Percentage of Completion
  • Current Job Details
  • Upcoming Jobs Details
  • Recommended Jobs
  • Featured Jobs
  • Applied Jobs
  • Offered Jobs and Accept
    or Decline
  • Refer a Friend


  • Contact Information
  • Employment preferences
  • Employment History
  • Credential Documents
  • Skills Checklists
  • Skills Checklists Tests
  • SertifiTM Documents
  • References
  • E-sign application of Employment

Assignments Tab

  • View Assignment Details (Current, Upcoming and Past)
  • View Client Details
  • Manage Assignments Compliance
  • View Missing & Expiring Compliance
  • View Rider
  • View Extension Request


  • View Uploaded Documents
  • Download Previously Uploaded Documents


  • Filter Out Job Preferences
  • View Open Jobs
  • Apply to Jobs


  • Filter Out Order Preferences
  • View Open Orders
  • Apply for Open Orders


  • Candidate Can Enter Availability
  • Edit/Delete Availability


  • Candidate Can View Scheduled,
    Confirmation Pending or Confirmed Shifts
  • Candidate Can Confirm or Withdraw From Shifts


  • Candidate Time Entry
  • Upload Timesheet