At LaborEdge, we have one clear-cut goal. Transform the healthcare staffing industry. That mission is easy-to-understand but complicated to accomplish.

So how do we revolutionize the way healthcare staffing agencies, hospitals and Healthcare Worker connect?

Customer success is our passion Shail Arora, Founder

We listen.

We listen. Our customers in the healthcare staffing industry told us that inefficiency ruled their processes. A lack of standardization results in 35% of agency time wasted by navigating through the differences between each MSP.

We've assembled the best talent.

We’ve assembled the best talent. Since our launch in 2012, we’ve recruited the best technology thought leadership and software developers. Through cross-team collaboration, LaborEdge provides innovative software solutions that streamline processes and improve profitability.

We continue to innovate.

We continue to innovate. It’s not about us — it’s about you. With that philosophy as our guide, LaborEdge continues to bring our customer’s ideas and processes to life.

We are NOT a generic platform that tries
to service every type of staffing. We
understand healthcare.

As a technology provider, we empower your team with innovative tools and interfaces to streamline your communication and workflows with hospitals. Freed from cumbersome systems and rote tasks, your team has more time and energy to deliver creative solutions.

We understand that you need to always deliver more:

  • More healthcare professionals
  • Improved speed
  • Advanced compliance processes

With the power of LaborEdge, you can deliver more value — with streamlined effort.