Temp Job and Wage Increases

2015 could be a good year for those that seek employment in the temporary job market. A new survey by CareerBuilder shows this good news, that will leave many with a smile, as jobs and pay are planned to increase in the near future among many health care entities. More jobs, means business is growing in the staffing world.
The nationwide survey was conducted in November and December of 2014, and included 315 hiring managers and human resource professionals, and 460 healthcare workers. Numbers are large, with 47 percent planning on hiring temporary or contract workers in 2015, and of those, 52% are planning on hiring on those contract or temporary workers, permanently. Also about 4/5, a whopping 78% of healthcare employers believe that their organization is better off financially than they were a year ago.
What does this mean?
This year staffing and recruiting companies should be on the look-out for some new trends, according to the survey, including:
• Raising the Minimum Wage within the Organization
• On the Job Training
• College Recruiting
• Taking Workers Out of Retirement
This is going to take a great deal of effort in making sure that you are finding the best qualified candidates for these open positions. Staying up to date on best recruiting practices and most effective ways of attracting and keeping employees is going to be a key motive this year.
Temp Job and Wage Increases