Prepping for Nursing Shortage

In the coming years we will be facing a dramatic need for help in the healthcare work world. With the baby boomer population nearing retirement, not only will there be a wave of retirement in the healthcare world, but with that will come an entire new generation of those that will require increased health care needs.
The baby boomer population is around 76.4 million according to the April 2014 data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This is about ¼ of the population of the United States. That also means that starting in 2011 this huge chunk of the population started hitting age 65. The American Hospital Association put it appropriately when they said “More than 37 million of them – six out of 10 – will be managing more than one chronic condition by 2030…As patients live with multiple chronic diseases, demand for services will increase.”
How will this affect staffing needs?
Not only will you be looking at a large portion of nurses that are going to be in retirement age, but some may be choosing to take that retirement while others are going to be prolonging it. This means that you will have a whole population of very experienced nurses that also expect higher compensation and increased flexibility with their jobs. You will also have a great need to cover jobs for those seeking retirement, and the increased traffic in hospitals due to the baby boomers moving into old age.
Using the tools provided in your LaborEdge staffing software you can quickly and easily manage prospective employees. For example with the built in intelligent job matching you can filter jobs based on candidate employment preference, and filter candidates based on job openings and “Instantaneously identify the most qualified, properly-credentialed candidate for placement”. You can also quickly add new job openings to your website with the job board integration feature.
Keeping ahead of the game by making sure that you are prepared for the increased traffic that is likely to hit your company in the coming years will ensure that this transition goes smoothly for you!
Prepping for Nursing Shortage