New Healthcare Job Roles Emerging

There is no doubt that reform is happening in the healthcare sector right now. Things are changing rapidly and not just in one area. The pressures of this change don’t just affect the rules and functions, but increase the need for new roles that are within these settings.
We discussed job number trends in our previous post Healthcare Staffing Trends, but AMN Healthcare recently released a survey entitled, Emerging Roles in Healthcare 2014, where they surveyed 323 clinical and HR leaders from US healthcare organizations regarding these growing positions. Many of these jobs barely existed a few years ago, let alone a decade ago. Some of the new clinical roles include Care Coordinator, Navigator, Health Coach, Medical Scribe, and Tele-health Trained Practitioner. There were also new technical and leadership roles listed.
One of the key findings in this survey is that 86% of the responders say they are aware of the growing need for new types of healthcare workers, while only 41% say they are recruiting now for these positions.
This is a significant number because, as stated in the survey, “managing healthcare professionals alone consumes more than one half of the healthcare enterprise budget”, and because of this and not being adequately prepared for the growth of the market, “Providers may need to engage expertise in healthcare workforce management that targets recruitment and training in new and emerging clinical, nonclinical and leadership roles.
Having qualified staffing software in place is a must during this crucial recruiting period in healthcare as it will aid you in analyzing, tracking, and monitoring your candidates for these new roles.
New Healthcare Job Roles Emerging