Holiday Hours in Healthcare

With the holidays coming many look forward to time off with families. As a healthcare worker you may be riding in a different boat this Christmas season. Since hospitals don’t shut down for the holidays you may not be looking at the time off with loved ones, but rather caring for others during this season on one or more of these special dates.
There are a lot of fun things you can do while working over the holidays.
You can organize a potluck or party during your shift/or on your floor. Potlucks can be a great way to promote community in a work environment, and who doesn’t like lots of food and treats? Gift, ornament, or cookie exchanges can be fun as well. To throw a fun twist in, you can do an “ugly” ornament exchange and trade “well loved” ornaments, so as to not add a lot of extra expense to the holiday season.
You could also bless someone. Get together with other co-workers and organize a drive to gather toys, cold weather gear, socks, or food items that can be donated to those in need, as a department. This doesn’t have to be limited to work, it can be a fun thing to do with friends, and family as well, because it can be done the entire holiday season and is not limited to just “Christmas Day”.
Many times hospitals have policies regarding rotating holiday schedules. Maybe for you this means that if you are working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas, than you got to spend one of those other holidays at home with your loved ones. Try to have a positive attitude regarding your rotating shifts knowing that everyone at some point has to work one of these shifts.
Remember also, that while you could be upset over working the holidays, there are lots of families that also need your positivity this time of year during their stay in the hospital. During the holidays a gesture as small as a smile, kind word, or positive attitude could turn the day (or season) around for them while they are under your care. So this season try to bring a new cheerful attitude to your department or place of employment especially if you’re working over a holiday!
Holiday Hours in Healthcare