Healthcare Staffing Trends

With all the buzz going on in the healthcare world right now due to the changes from the Affordable Care Act you could be surprised at the following news. The November U.S. employment summary tells us that healthcare has added 29,000 jobs over the previous month. This number has been steadily growing throughout the entire spectrum of healthcare entities with an increase of 261,000 jobs in 2014 alone. This shouldn’t surprise us though as this year is following a steady trend since 2003 of increased growth in the healthcare sector.
What’s more interesting is where the jobs seem to be growing. While lots of the different areas of healthcare seem to be growing such as home health care, physician’s offices, and outpatient care centers, hospital jobs are not at the top of that list. Hospitals seem to be following a smaller and much more erratic curve, than the rest of the healthcare industry in job growth.
There are several ideas out there as to why hospitals don’t have as much of an increased growth curve. Dan Diamond, managing editor at The Advisory Board Company, lists several of his hypotheses on his blog The Daily Briefing, which include things such as:
• “fewer people are seeking care in hospitals”
• “wary hospitals aren’t eager to hire”
• “it’s the effect of Obamacare”
• ”It’s a result of the mega-mergers across the sector.”
In the coming years will we see the healthcare job market continue to grow, or will it slow down along with the various sub sectors? With pressing issues such as the Affordable Care Act, and the retirement of the baby boom population, there are several factors that will continue to pull at the statistics and keep us watching closely.
Following this trend, healthcare workers will be needed at all these points of care. Software that can support finding the best-qualified clinician for each role becomes very critical.
Healthcare Staffing Trends