Talent Acquisition Technology for HospitalsTM

"It’s like having your own in-house contingent staffing agency. And saving 25%+ on costs."

John H.


Now, your hospital can take control of your own contingent staffing needs

leveraging your own existing team - and our industry-leading Talent Acquisition Technology.

Using the same advanced software top agencies rely on, NexusH serves as your own, in-facility, talent agency. At a fraction of the cost. No agency fees, commissions, and duplication of effort.

Hospitals can take control

Plus: we’ll train your people. They’re already familiar with how agencies work; Now they can do it all faster, easier, better -- in-house. You've tried to save money acquiring contingent staff -- now finally, there is technology to support you.


Save 25%+ vs. agency costs

Your own in-house ‘staffing agency’ with our industry-leading software/tool kit.


Industry’s most advanced platform

Advanced Nexus technology used by agencies, with industry-best VMS and ATS built-in. Or become your own MSP


10 years of healthcare staffing experience

Investing millions in development over the last decade.


Thousands of healthcare workers deployed via our tech

Our Nexus platform is built using micro-services architecture, creating an all-in-one solution for agencies. Now hospitals can have the same tech.


Talent acquisition optimization

Get in touch and schedule your demo. See how NexusH can integrate with your back-office systems — HR IS, IT, payroll, time and attendance, and more. 

Whether 5 beds or 5,000

Whether 5 beds or 5,000

NexusH is the contingent staffing solution you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll train your people and stand by them as our NexusH platform starts them performing “staffing miracles” - and saving 25%-50% in agency costs.

"Saving money on contingent staffing means we can get more of the right nurses at the right costs for our budget."

Major Hospital


From the Nurses

What is “micro-services architecture”?

How software works can be inscrutable to people who use it. It just has to work. That’s why our NexusH platform is built with “micro-services architecture” — greatly enhancing configurability to best serve every kind of partner interaction for nurses and hospitals. To procure, facilitate and manage contingent workforce. Consolidating every aspect from requisition, compliance and invoicing to the metrics and reporting you need. And saving 25%+ in the process.

"It's everything nurses have been asking for. I can self-schedule, accept, confirm, and my profile has all my info, credentials, and timesheets too. Even better? I can do everything right on my phone using their app!"

Jenny G.

Travel Nurse

From the C-suite to the Nurses’ lounge, NexusH is today’s 360-degree hospital staffing technology. Not just because of what it is, but how well it does it. Our all-in-one platform, designed specifically for hospitals, helps you find, attract, and acquire the best contingent care talent.


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